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The Work/Life (im)Balance

Work/Life Balance. Sounds hokey. What does that even mean?! You might be saying these things seething was sarcasm as you attempt to multitask. So many of us get caught up in this grind culture OR party culture that we don’t have a balance. We need a balance. Balance feels good and it feels healthy. Honestly, it sounds like boundaries.

Speaking of Balance; standing up and moving your body while at your desk will help improve productivity and help you to feel better!

Balance. Yes. Yes! YES! Work hard, play hard, drink some water and get a good night’s sleep. Read my blog, The Elusive Good Night’s Sleep when you’re done with this one if you’re uncertain of how to get that restorative sleep.

I will admit it. There are times I have worked until 10pm b/c I felt like it was necessary. No, I was not being paid for these additional hours of work. Don’t tell anyone, but I have also checked my work phone on the weekend. I’ve actually checked it a few times over the weekend. Okay, Okay, full disclosure…I checked it this PAST weekend! I will also admit that I have done this on numerous occasions and after the time has passed I feel some type of way. What way? No clue. It’s a mixed feeling of accomplishment and wondering WTF am I doing with my life and time?! It’s an odd combination, I know. On one hand I am grateful to have made headway through endless piles of paperwork and on the other, I know I would have enjoyed talking to my bestie, working out or taking a nap more.

So, how do we set this boundary to develop a good work/life balance? Well, part of it is to set your intentions. Time is finite. And, if you happen to be above the age of 25, you may also realize how fast it passes. We are each gifted with a certain amount of time in this world…be it 30 or 110 years. When we are the end of our time on this Earth or in this realm, no one is going to wish they spent more time in the office. But, you may likely have other wishes. HOWEVER, If you are wishing you spent more time at work, this may be an opportunity for introspection and reflection on your life outside of work. After that reflection, perhaps it is time for adjustment. Often, wishing to be at work is a symptom of a home life that does NOT feel safe in some capacity. But, for this particular conversation, let us assume that home is safe, but you are gainfully employed with a company that is demanding of your days and encroaching on your nights.

So, if we can acknowledge that time is finite do we really want to spend 84 hours a week working? If the goal is to pay down a debt and you have a five year plan to work hard and make umpteen thousand extra dollars to pay back student loans, pay off mortgage or get braces for the kid...then go for it. But, if you don’t have a plan…and you don’t have an intention…and you know that time is finite…why are you running yourself into the ground? Or, perhaps more apropos…why are you allowing yourself to be run into the ground?

Now, we set the why. Why set a why? Well, you and your work-a-holic self will need a reason to leave the office, EVEN if the office is technically at home. What do you want to do? What do you wish you had more time for? Yoga? Reading? Learning to bake something edible? Developing a green thumb? Learning a dance off Tik Tok? Well, those are all fantastic if they fall into your version of self care, but ya gotta dig deeper.

Why do you want to do these things? You long for them at work and lament not doing them as you grind away…why? Would you be learning to bake from a favorite aunt or grandmother that is getting too old to be in the kitchen? Maybe your child is on Tik Tok and you want a way to bridge the ever growing gap between you? Maybe your back is stiff, your muscles tight and you want to feel more spry? Figure it out…and chase it.

And, honestly…remember three things:

Work cannot love you back

You cannot give from an empty cup

Build the life YOU want to live

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